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About Me


For as long as I can remember I have felt such a strong desire to be creative. I am at my happiest in the woods with my camera and if I am very lucky my kids come too.  Born and bred in Scotland I am passionate about our beautiful landscape, traditions and talented creatives we have here in Scotland.

I love sculpting and ran my own pottery for many years.  More recently I ended up working as a Sugar Florist which has been full of wonderful surprises. I had no idea I would love sculpting sugar flowers as much as I do. Anyway, that is for another story.  What I do know is my work is all linked. My work has an intrinsic connection to nature, I am caught up in and inspired by Scotland's unique flora and fauna and beautiful landscapes.

I hope seeing the beauty in nature will create a desire in us all to protect it for future generations.


My Studio


Along with friends and family I grow a mixture of flowers to press, I also forage for wildflowers but I am very conscious not to over pick and only to pick in areas with an abundance of wildflowers.

The flowers are attached/coated using epoxy resin, this process can be dangerous if the correct safety equipment and procedures are not followed.  Using the resin allows me to show the true beauty in the botanics I use, my earrings aren't really about the resin, they are about capturing the beauty of nature to create something beautiful to wear. 

Flower Press12a

As I continue my professional journey, I like to think of my career as one big learning experience that continuously grows with each project and collaboration.  I continue to push the boundaries when creating, always looking for new ways to express my ideas and love for nature.  My earrings bring me so much joy, not just to make, anytime I need a pick me up I pick a big bright pair and wear them with a smile.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my website.

Much Love,

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